Tuesday, June 26, 2018

K- Laser Success Story #30 (AMAZING!)

This most recent success story was a doozy! 

The patient was a dog that had a large skin mass in its groin that had to be removed. Due to its location and the amount of skin that had to be removed- the closure suture line had more than normal tension, and it was in an area of motion due to the leg. Ultimately, there was some dehiscence (opening of incision during healing). The closure was already pushing the limits the first time - going in and removing more to be able to close again was not advisable. So what to do??  K-Laser Therapy!!

The original surgery was May 1st, the first day of dehiscence was May 7th- when laser therapy was started. Once again - we did about 10 lasers over the next 6 weeks, along with just antibiotics and a t-shirt to avoid licking. The dog was happy, we were happy, and best the owners were very satisfied! 

May 1st - pre-surgery

May 7 - 1st day of dehiscence - STARTED LASER THERAPY
May 14th 

May 16th

May 18th
May 24th
May 29th

June 4th
June 13th

June 21 Final Laser


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