Thursday, August 31, 2017

K-Laser Success Story #28 (Kitten Amputation)

This kitten was rescued by this family outside their place of work. It was tiny and left behind by its mother. It had been born with a birth defect and had hind legs that were not functional and stuck in place. The kitten had to wear a diaper due to not being able to avoid voiding on himself. We got him to an appropriate age to go under anesthesia and performed a double hind limb amputation. The owner is going to make him a cart in order to get around better, but he is already very talented at getting around on two legs as it is. Post surgically there was a draining tract that formed and a wound developed. I did not get a picture of the beginning of the tract when a few staples were placed, but 2 days later it was what you see. We started laser therapy on July 31 and the last laser was on August 14th. The rate of healing was nothing short of amazing. 

 Above - August 4th
 Above - August 7th
 Above - August 11   - JUST 4 DAYS

August 14th

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

K-Laser Success Story #27

This dog presented to us after being found with its chain lead wrapped around its leg when it chased after a squirrel. The chain had severely lacerated the lower leg and caused ligament damage. The foot was severely swollen and edematous. We cleaned it and wrapped it after starting laser light therapy. The owner did a great job of doing hydrotherapy and bandage changes at home keeping it clean. There were times at the beginning there were fears of a need for amputation due to disrupted lymphatic drainage, but the effects of the laser to reduce edema and promote healing helped us avoid that! He is doing great and walking on it very well.

We first saw the dog July 20th and did 10 laser therapy treatments over 3 weeks!! The first picture was July 20th and last picture was August 12th.

Friday, July 14, 2017

K Laser Success Story #26

This case involved a small dog that was attacked and got a large laceration on its shoulder/chest. It was clipped and cleaned, and prepped for surgical repair. Postoperatively there was some expected devitalization along the suture line due to the extent of damage.
 We did a total of 10 laser sessions over a period of 4 weeks. The surgery was on June 7th and the final laser was the end of June. The final picture was July 14th. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

K-Laser Success Story #25

This case comes from one of our own. Cassie, one of our RVT's has a baby goat that had some developmental issues and formed a sore/area of dying tissue on its hock (ankle). It had a limp as well. We took an xray to ensure no bone damage, and started laser therapy. The first image was on March 27th and last was on May  6th. A total of 5 lasers were performed. 
March 27 ^
April 1^
April 3^

May 6th^

Cassie's goat and Dr Seth's cat Max 

Monday, January 2, 2017

K-Laser Success Story #24

This case was from months ago but somehow I missed posting it. This cat had been attacked by a dog. The cat was seen first over thr weekend and managed by emergency services then was transfered to us for surgery. It had a tiny abdominal hernia (tissue from the abdomen was poking out through the muscle but still under the skin. We had to debride the dead tissue, close the hernia, and close what was left and place a drain for drainage purposes. 

As is the risk with any multi-day post bite closure- dehisence is a risk and that happened here. Some of the "healthy" skin used to close ended up devitalizing and lead to the need for second intention healing. The surgery was on June 27th and the final picture was on July 27th. 4 weeks, 10 lasers- happy cat.