Monday, November 19, 2018

K-Laser Success Story #31 (Cat Bite Wound)

For our newest post - this cat is an indoor/outdoor adventurer.

It must have gotten in a fight with another cat - and developed a very large abscess in its armpit. I removed a large amount of puss via sterile syringe. No obvious bite marks could be made out at the time. Radiographs were negative for any fractures. Antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory was given. It returned 2 days later with 2 large open wounds - ultimately the original penetrating wounds did open with the puss drainage. That is when we started laser therapy.

From first picture to final picture - October 29 - November 14 (5 Laser Sessions)
The puss filled pocket is large white blob to the right of the chest 

Laser #1 October 29th - The penetrating wound spots significantly ruptured open.

Laser #2- November 1

Laser #3 November 5
Laser #4 - November 8th

Laser #5 - November 14