Friday, April 22, 2016

K Laser Success Story #21

This dog presented to us for pain from being rolled under a car as it entered a garage. On presentation the dog only showed pain on the front right lower leg with swelling/edema. No signs of wounds were evident. We did a laser treatment for the swelling and sent home anti-inflammatories and a pain reliever. The dog was brought back 4 days later when slouching skin was noticed. It was realized that the dog had ended up under the exhaust and had been burned in multiple places, so there was a delayed skin sloughing. He was sedated, cleaned up, and intensive laser therapy started with antibiotics. He came in for a total of 10 laser therapies over 3.5 weeks. At the final of the 10 lasers we determined the healing had progressed well enough to not need anymore!
The sites that had sloughed skin as you see on the pictures are: Lower front of leg, armpit, lower foot/pad, back lower leg, upper leg

Thursday, April 21, 2016

K Laser Success Story #20

This cat presented to us with a anal gland rupture the size of a oblong nickel. The rupture site was cleaned, an antibiotic given, and laser therapy started. The time between these two photos is just 7 DAYS and a total of 3 prior lasers. This cat has had a rupture many years prior- and the owner was stunned how much faster it healed with the addition of the laser.