Tuesday, June 26, 2018

K- Laser Success Story #30 (AMAZING!)

This most recent success story was a doozy! 

The patient was a dog that had a large skin mass in its groin that had to be removed. Due to its location and the amount of skin that had to be removed- the closure suture line had more than normal tension, and it was in an area of motion due to the leg. Ultimately, there was some dehiscence (opening of incision during healing). The closure was already pushing the limits the first time - going in and removing more to be able to close again was not advisable. So what to do??  K-Laser Therapy!!

The original surgery was May 1st, the first day of dehiscence was May 7th- when laser therapy was started. Once again - we did about 10 lasers over the next 6 weeks, along with just antibiotics and a t-shirt to avoid licking. The dog was happy, we were happy, and best the owners were very satisfied! 

May 1st - pre-surgery

May 7 - 1st day of dehiscence - STARTED LASER THERAPY
May 14th 

May 16th

May 18th
May 24th
May 29th

June 4th
June 13th

June 21 Final Laser


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Heartworms, Fleas, and Ticks OH MY!

2018 is shaping up to be a record year for the amount of fleas, ticks, and heartworms present in our area.

HEARTWORMS- Spread by mosquitos - wherever mosquitos are.
-Fort Wayne is TOP 10 in the country for emerging heartworm infection.

-Prevention is key! We offer 3 options for heartworm prevention:
       1) Sentinel/Interceptor Plus
           -Once per month, year round pills.
           -Kills the baby heartworm before it can become an adult
     2) Proheart 6
           -One injection that lasts for 6 months!
                 +Doesn't allow heartworm infection to proceed
                 +Need to have a heartworm check in past year
     3) Revolution
           -Topical that is absorbed into the bloodstream
                  +Kills baby heartworms before becoming adults.


TICKS- We have 4 kinds of ACTIVE ticks in our area.
-Spreads disease to humans and pets alike.
-Can live for up to 7 years  😨 Inside and Out
-Can spread disease in as little as 3 hours from attachment
       +Ehrlichia and Anaplasma
       +Lyme Disease in 24-36 hours
       +Bartonella and Babesia (effects Red Blood Cells)
-Lyme Disease tick thrives in the winter! Just has to be over 35* to be active above the snow line

http://www.petsandparasites.org/dog-owners/ticks/  .

-Once again - PREVENTION is key:
                +30 day pill - kills all fleas and ticks
                     -Prevents disease spread!
                     -Most cost effective
         2) Bravecto
                 +90 day pill - kills fleas and ticks
                     -Only kills Lone Star Tick effectively for 60 days
         **Revolution only kills 1 type of tick in dogs
         **Sentinel DOES NOT COVER TICKS
         **OTC topical Tick preventatives leave your pet open
             disease transfer


FLEAS-Fleas can live year round inside your home
-The adult flea is only the tip of the iceberg for flea issues
-Flea eggs, maggots, and junior stages make up the main problem
-Can take up to 4 months for eggs to become adults
        +Why you need to treat for 3-4 months to ensure success
-Adult fleas can lay 40-60 eggs PER FLEA PER DAY!

http://www.petsandparasites.org/dog-owners/fleas/  .

          1)Sentinel - is a flea BIRTH CONTROL
                -It DOES NOT KILL ADULTS
                -Prevents infestations from happening
          2)Simparica - Kills all fleas and quickly
          3)Bravecto -  Kills all fleas
          4)Revolution - Kills all flea life stages (not as quickly)
          **Fleas are becoming RESISTANT to topical Frontline
              type products - DONT WAST YOUR MONEY
          **Flea baths only last as long as the pet is in the bath tub
          **Flea collars are innefective
          **MUST TREAT ALL PETS in the home to end an active