Monday, May 20, 2019

K-Laser Wound Healing Success #33 - Necrotic Cyst

Here is yet another example of how awesome the power of the class IV K-Laser is at improving healing time and effectiveness for our pets!

This dog presented with a cyst that had become acutely infected and filled with pus. As you can see in the video - it was straight nasty that the body can make that. Over a period of 25 days we did 5 laser sessions along with antibiotics and the healing was fantastic. 

April 25

May 20

K-Laser Success Story #32 - Dog Bite

For our next K-Laser success story- we had a poor dog that had been recently attacked by another dog. It was purely impressive how this dog was a trooper through the entire process! 

She presented with very large wounds on her back and shoulder just behind her neck. So much so that the skin could be dramatically pulled away from the muscle underneath. She was anesthetized so the area could be shaved and cleaned- then debrided and closed with a drain in it. We warned the owners due to the immense size and “undermining” of the wound that there was a good chance some of the skin may devitalize and lose its blood supply and ultimately slough off. Sure enough it did. 

She presented on March 12 and the last photo was on April 17. We did a total of 12 lasers over that 4 week period. 

March 12: