Thursday, November 19, 2015

K-Laser Success Story #18

****Bloody Pictures Disclaimer***

This happy dog presented to us in the middle of October for a non specific limp on its front right leg. Physical exam did not pin point pain to a specific source (mild response in shoulder and mild on toes). He was sent on with anti-inflammatory and pain medication and owners instructed to rest and observe. He was brought back a week later and the owners noted during the time period there was no real improvement and he developed a softball size semi firm growth over his shoulder blade in a period of 24 hours. He was completely non weight bearing and in obvious pain.

Xrays revealed a large soft tissue swelling over the shoulder blade, and inability to see the entire structure of the shoulder blade because of it. We recommended that a biopsy be taken to find the cause.

On November 3rd, during the biopsy we were able to palpate inside the mass destruction of the shoulder blade bone, so it was decided to do a complete forelimb amputation and biopsy the entire mass.

He was already standing on 3 legs that same day after surgery, and you could almost sense the relief on his face. He did so well, he was able to go home the next day. We did a total of 7 laser therapy sessions on him over a 2 week time period. His attitude was awesome, and he is getting around well on 3 legs, now with that nagging pain gone.

 The biopsy revealed osteosarcoma, which is a very aggressive, incurable cancer. Amputation is purely pallative (pain relief).

Xrays before surgery:


Dissection revealed the fractured/eaten away bone

Xray of the amputated leg and excessive tissue removed revealed the bony destruction of the scapular spine. 

The remaining pictures are during the 2 weeks after surgery until staples were removed. 5 lasers total. The laser helped significantly reduce swelling, pain, and discharge production (almost none produced)- and obviously healing.

Sucess story #15 update

Our little trooper returned for a separate issue that he has to battle now, so please keep him in your prayers. But his wound still looks great 6.5 weeks from presentation.

Success Story #9 update

This sweethear kitty returned for its annual vaccines and I would have never known it ever had a wound!

6 months later-

Monday, November 9, 2015

K-Laser Success Story #17

This dog presented originally in June with a few interdigital cysts (infected cysts between the toes). He was placed on antibiotics and started on a steroid/antibiotic spray. 
The cysts never really cleared up completely and ultimately started to bother the dog to the point of licking his paws raw and starting a generalized bacterial infection in his pads besides the interdigital cysts. 
We started him on a 5 pack of laser therapy and changed up his antibiotic for the pyoderma. He was put in a cone to prevent the licking- and even after the first laser session, the owners noted significant improvements in his comfortability and demeanor. The lasers were started on 9/23/15 and finished 10/2/15. 

9/23/15  - 4 Images - the front feet, left top and bottom on left side and right top and bottom right. 

The following 4 images are after the 3rd laser therapy session on 9/28/15

These 3 pictures are at the time of the final therapy session on 10/2/15

K-Laser Success Story #16

Our next success story comes from a cat that had a non-fresh wound on its back hip. He presented on May 12, and his wound was clipped and cleaned. He was given an injection on antibiotics, and his pack of 5 lasers was started. 

You can see that the wound has a center of dead skin. 

This is prior to the 2nd laser treatment - the dead skin had fallen off.

 Prior to the  4th treatment - 1 week after presentation. Excellent scar tissue formation. 


Prior to the final laser therapy session. The wound has scarred well, and has a nice scab forming part of the 2nd intention healing.


This was the completely healed wound exactly 4 weeks from presentation.