Monday, June 15, 2015

K-Laser Success Story #12

This case was of a cat with a significant wound on its front leg. It is a cat that goes outdoors and returned one day acting very lethargic and sickly. Upon physical examination we found the cat to have a very high temperature and dehydrated. Upon further examination we found the left front elbow and carpal region to be very firm and enlarged. This is where the abscess was found. The cat was given an injection on Convenia (antibiotic) and the owner was asked to monitor the size and response (if there was significant decrease in size and the cat started feeling better - we could differentiate then between a cat bite abscess versus a tumor and then could start laser therapy.
The cat started acting much better quickly with the antibiotic, but was still limping significantly on the limb.
13 days later we started with laser light therapy. 

The first image was day 1 of therapy and the last picture is 13 days later after 7 total treatments. The cat started to put significantly more pressure on the leg after the second treatment, and was putting full weight on the leg by the 5th treatment.

(The above picture is the same day as the first picture just a better angle without the laser in it)