Thursday, January 1, 2015

K Laser Success Story #7

This dog had to have its leg amputated due to developing a fast growing tumor on its lower back leg. After the surgery, it had developed an area of devitalized tissue in the center of the incision - where the dog placed majority of its pressure while recovering. 
We performed a total of just over 10 laser sessions and the first picture to final was 4.5 weeks. 

K Laser Success Story #6

This case features a dog that has an irreparable injury to its Achilles tendons in both back legs. These tendons are responsible for allowing the back "ankles" of the dog to bear weight off the ground. Since the dog could no longer stand like "normal" on its toes - it ended up walking like a human on its ankles and therefore developed sores almost to the bone from the chronic irritation (regardless of the devoted owners attempts to have the wounds surgically closed at a previous veterinarian, as well as specially designing kids shoes for the dog to wear). 
This dog also had compounding issues with arthritic hips. Just after the first 3-4 laser sessions of lasering the hips as well, it could walk into the office and exam room noticeable improvement. The owner also raved about improvements seen at home with mobility. 
This was a challenging case because of the nature and location of the wounds. They had a constant pressure to bear and therefore healing was delayed compared to the typical wound. The granulation processed quicker than wound contraction (shrinking). 
However, they to this date they are as healed as they ever have prior to laser therapy intervention. 
From the first session to final picture has been 12 treatments and 6 weeks. 

11/10 Left ankle

11/10 Right ankle
Most recent surgical attempt to 
close at prior veterinarian

11/11 Left 

11/17 Left
11/17 Right
11/18 Right
11/18 Left
11/21 Right
11/21 Left
11/24 Left
11/24 Right
12/2 Right
12/2 Left
12/6 Left
12/6 Right

12/9 Right
12/17 Left
12/17 Right
12/23 Left
You can see the awesome shoes the owners created to help alleviate the pressure!
12/23 Right