Monday, January 2, 2017

K-Laser Success Story #24

This case was from months ago but somehow I missed posting it. This cat had been attacked by a dog. The cat was seen first over thr weekend and managed by emergency services then was transfered to us for surgery. It had a tiny abdominal hernia (tissue from the abdomen was poking out through the muscle but still under the skin. We had to debride the dead tissue, close the hernia, and close what was left and place a drain for drainage purposes. 

As is the risk with any multi-day post bite closure- dehisence is a risk and that happened here. Some of the "healthy" skin used to close ended up devitalizing and lead to the need for second intention healing. The surgery was on June 27th and the final picture was on July 27th. 4 weeks, 10 lasers- happy cat.