Monday, September 21, 2015

K-Laser Success Story #14

This cat presented on August 7th with a ruptured left anal gland (yes cats can have anal gland issues also). We clipped and cleaned the area, infused it with medication, gave the cat a 2 week injection of antibiotic, and started a 5 pack of laser light therapy. The cat had to wear an e-collar the entire time because it would not leave it alone. I have 3 consecutive pictures from the presentation, second laser, and third laser - unfortunately I was not present to capture the final product, but will work to get one from the owner if possible. But the amount of healing in just 7 days is excellent, and the cat was feeling so much better. 

August 7th 

August 10th - you can see that due to the infection - the original 2 holes turned into 1 big hole. 
 August 14th

Our much happier patient!