Wednesday, October 21, 2015

K-Laser Success Story #15

This poor little dog was maliciously attacked by a large dog. As you can see by the graphic photos - it is a miracle the dog was alive first, and second, that worse internal damage was not done. 

The dog presented September 30th. It was anesthetized, the wound cleaned and explored. It was decided that we would close the wound and place drains while performing laser therapy over the next 2 weeks. The dog was given an antibiotic injection of Convenia. Dr. Sheila Dick, our surgeon, did a wonderful job meticulously stitching the dog back together. There were 7 total lasers performed. The final picture was on October 21st. 

 3 days after surgery

3 days post

Day 4 (after 3rd laser)

Day 8 - The drains are removed
This is the day of the 5th laser treatment. 

Day 10 (Day of 6th laser treatment

Day 15 - After 6th laser - I only got one image this day, but as you can see of all that tissue only that small portion devitalized and had to heal 2nd intention. 

Day 22 (one week after final laser)
 Other side at day 22. 

This dog did wonderfully, with the speed of seeing the dog after the attack, the precision of Dr. Dick's reconstruction, an excellent antibiotic on board, a dedicated owner, and the photobiomodulation power of the K-Laser, the seeming impossible wound healed wonderfully and even better the dog started to feel great just after a few treatments. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

What does arthritis look like in a dog's knee?

I decided it would be good for people to visualize what arthritis looks like in a dog's knee. Any joint really has a potential to develop arthritis, and where there is arthritis, K-Laser therapy is available to help in the treatment plan to get the pet back to being as normal and pain and inflammation free as possible! 

The normal knee from the dog:
The knee with arthritis:

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