Monday, August 8, 2016

K Laser Success Story #22

This was one of our most unusual wound cases. This dog presented to us with a large swelling under its jaw/upper neck. The owners had just rescued the dog days prior. We treated conservatively. He returned the next day with even more swelling, and very lethargic, not eating or drinking. His bloodwork revealed only a mild elevation in white blood cells. We started him on IV fluids, steroids, antibiotics, and K laser therapy. We started to shave the swollen area and discovered two very large dark bruised, moist areas (as seen in the first picture). From experience we knew this skin was becoming devitalized.

This was a different wound from the usual we found out, as the way the skin was dying, but not normal. It was as if the epidermis died but the subcutaneous layer was slower (as the photo of tissue by itself shows). The dog lost weight and had poor appetite at first, but week by week the appetite, weight, and attitude improved. After 3 weeks of slowly being able to peel off the dead tissue, we decided to attempt to close the holes in an attempt to speed up the healing process and make it more manageable at home. In surgery I freshened the edges and removed some of the odd bumps in the wound. A drain was placed, and tension reducing sutures were placed. Post surgically, in the following week, the crafty dog was able to chew out the drain and scratch out half of the sututes. The owner was able to make a nifty combination of a neck doughnut, tshirt, and scarf in order to keep him off of it. Finally after 4 weeks, the wound was to a point that was similar to a typical wound, and the typical 2nd intention healing and wound contraction started. 

The first picture was June 7th, the final picture is 8 weeks later August 6th. Approximately 20 laser therapy sessions in all. After talking with another colleague we believe that this was a toxin induced trauma, possibly due to the bite of a BROWN RECLUSE spider!  This dog and his owners were troopers and very dedicated. 

June 8th
June 10

June 20

June 29

July 13th

July 22

August 6th